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Acon Digital Restoration Suite Serial Number [EXCLUSIVE]

the restoration suite is our highest selling plug-in and contains the denoise 2 plug-in, deverberate 2, equalizer 2, and verberate 2 plug-ins. with these tools, you can record, edit, and export audio and video simultaneously. simply import your files into your favorite audio or video application and start working.

acon digital restoration suite serial number

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in one specific scenario, i restore/repair old cassette interviews. some of the interviews are clean and sound good. other tapes capture continuous noise from nearby electronics while conducted over phone. this is where 'forensic level repair' comes in. in this specific case, the acon digital restoration suite and spectra layers pro do a pretty good job. not to mention sfp's native tools. when you look at how much something like izotope rx advanced costs when compared to sound forge pro suite, there is no comparison. bang-for-buck, sfp comes out swinging. i would gladly use izotope rx advanced. if i had the money.

when shooting a video sequence you cannot always avoid recording some noise. sometimes you might find out only in the editing suite that there are some disturbing audio signals in your footage. to fix this in the postproduction is usually very time consuming and often does not lead to the hoped for results. with acon digital restauration suite for edius it is possible to reduce different kind of noise in less time and good quality. great efforts have been put into preserving as much of the original signal and its character as possible during the noise reduction process.

even when you are extremely careful while editing audio, the slightest click of the mouse, or the movement of your arm can create unwanted clicks, pops, and hums. one way to deal with these problems is to apply filters to the audio before it is edited. acon digital offers four basic filters: envelope eliminator, which removes clicks, pops, hums, and other unwanted audio artifacts; compressor, which shrinks and stretches audio, and can be used to quickly adjust the dynamic range of the track; denoise, which reduces the noise floor of the audio; and dehum, which removes vibrato, sibilance, and other undesirable harmonic effects. (the fourth filter, deverberate, is only available if you have the acoustica premium edition.)


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