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Do you want to grow eyelashes? Let's find out the contraindications for this procedure.

Eyelash extension has such contraindications as:

Diseases of the eyes (conjunctivitis, barley, ciliary mite, etc.) - all types of eye diseases are contraindications to any cosmetic procedures with the eyes. In case of eye diseases, you cannot extend eyelashes!

Dermatitis, psoriasis - eyelash extensions are not recommended for skin diseases;

Asthma - fumes from eyelash glue can trigger an attack;

Allergy - eyelash extension materials are mostly hypoallergenic, but glue, like a chemical, can rarely cause an allergic reaction.

They are not contraindications to eyelash extensions, but they can affect the wear period of eyelashes:

unstable hormonal background in connection with the intake of COCs, pregnancy, hepatitis B, the menstrual cycle - hormones affect the condition of the eyelashes and the process of their renewal;

taking antibiotics;

alcohol consumption;

dyeing eyelashes with paint less than 3 days before extension - since the paint creates a film effect on the eyelash, the glue will not adhere to the surface of the eyelash;

eyelash lamination done less than 3 weeks before extension;

oily skin of the eyelids and the use of oil-based products - oil gradually destroys the properties of the glue. The glue will not dissolve instantly, but the extended eyelashes will be much worse in this case;

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