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The School For Good And Evil(2022)

When Sophie tries to get close to Tedros, Lesso cuts her hair to break her spirit. Under Rafal's influence, Sophie undergoes a radical change in both appearance and personality; gaining the favor of the Nevers and rising to the unofficial position of leader of Evil's student body. Though she diverges from Agatha, the latter still tries to aid Sophie by using magic to bring her and Tedros together. An Ever and a Never being together causes chaos between both schools; Rhian determines a "Trial by Tale" to settle the issue. At the Trial, Sophie ends up proving inept in defending herself and Tedros, prompting an infiltrating Agatha to save him in her stead. This results in Tedros ultimately rejecting Sophie for choosing self-preservation over him, with the prince starting a relationship with Agatha.

The School for Good and Evil(2022)


When Sophie goes to seek revenge on Rhian, he reveals himself to have been Rafal all along, having survived the fall and killed Rhian, assuming his identity and manipulating Good's stories to weaken Good from within, favoring Evil. He then proposes he and Sophie to rule together, declaring her his true love. As they kiss, both Schools start collapsing, horrifying Sophie. When Agatha arrives, Rafal tries to impale her with the Storian. Sophie pushes Agatha out of the way and takes the fatal hit; her sacrifice undoes Rafal's spell, saving everyone. Agatha, with Sophie and Tedros' help, kills Rafal with Excalibur. Agatha kisses the dying Sophie goodbye; this proves to be a demonstration of true love and revives Sophie.

The Evers and Nevers reconcile, and the restored school staff decide to unite the two schools into one. A portal to Gavaldon opens, and Agatha kisses Tedros before crossing over with Sophie, returning to their old lives. However, an arrow and a mysterious knife pierce the veil between worlds, with Tedros pleading he needs Agatha; the Storian then states that "this is only the beginning."

Paul Feig was offered a spot as director, but he was hesitant due to the film's contrasts with his style and unfamiliar genre. However, he reconsidered after he read the script, in which he enjoyed the characters, story, and opportunities for world-building.[48] He was also interested in t